Love as Medicine

Michaela Wiedemann

How I created a miracle that was not considered possible

Something happened in my early twenties that rocked me to the core. Medical experts told me that my chance of survival was a whopping zero percent. Zero!

All I got left was my connection to the divine creative power. I counted on it and followed my instinct. That was my only chance. And it made the impossible possible. I recovered completely. It is truly a miracle that you can now read these lines from me.

Are you ripe for a miracle, too?

You can be your own miracle. I can teach you how. You can learn to set healthy boundaries and let go of judgments.

Listen to your intuition. Take courage. Be present with love and open your heart. Love yourself as you are. And so much more.


As painful as your situation might be and as lost as you might be feeling right now, I am here to remind you: There is always hope. There is a wonderful power residing within you. It is so much greater than you think. Never let diagnoses or evaluations of others define you. Are you ready for a miracle? Be one yourself. I am here to support you.

Professional qualifications, further trainings and career

My professional career started out with a very successful career as an assistant for international management in global companies.


Diploma (master’s degree) in Social Work with excellent grades in the following fields of expertise:


– Solution-oriented & (Hypno)systemic Therapy

– Social work with students, young people & children


Further profound specializations in the following areas:

– Positive Psychology

– Creative Therapy

– Play Therapy

– Humor Therapy

– Relaxation Therapy

– Snoezelen (multisensory therapeutic work)

Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine Teacher

(including Dr. Lissa Rankin, M. D., USA)


Holistic Healing Ceremonies

(including Dr. Carl Hammerschlag, M. D., USA)


Spiritual Angel Energy Work


Kundalini Reiki


Shamanic Energy Work

How I work

Methods & Tools

Solution-oriented Therapy

Focusing on wishes and goals is helpful. Using resources that already exist. Instead of pondering the problem.

Systemic Therapy

We look at the entire situation you live in. Thus, we can find out your strengths. Systemically. And we recognize what possibilities there are for you.


We dive into our inner world. Thus, we can perceive skills and resources that had long been forgotten. And we discover new strength.

Positive Psychology

There are always positive aspects, too. This is what we focus on. You will learn how to be happy and how to strengthen the positive within you.

Creative Therapy

Dancing will get you moving. Singing will alter your vibrations. Painting will bring your colors to life. Being creative makes your light shine.

Humor Therapy & Play Therapy

We use the healing power of humor, laughter and play. “Man is only fully human when he plays.“, Schiller said. When we play, we unfold our potentials, and we experience vitality.


Body, soul and spirit form a team. They are inseparable. The power of self-healing resides within you. We strengthen it purposefully, and on all three levels.

Spiritual Energy Work

Everything is energy. Energy flows within us, and around us. Energy is the bridge between the spiritual world and us. Thus, we can come in touch with the Divine and with our own power, with a healing impact.