Love as Medicine

Michaela Wiedemann

When does a spiritual energy session make perfect sense?
    • You feel full of fear (e. g. fear of an appointment, a diagnosis, a difficult situation in your life).
    • The uncertainty about your future is bothering you, your thoughts are spinning.
    • You ponder instead of sleeping.
    • Your body communicates with you through illness, which makes it difficult for you to cope with everyday life.
    • You get a diagnosis and have the feeling that there is more to it than meets the eye.
    • You feel inner blockages and want to know what it takes to solve them.
    • You are functioning in everyday life instead of leading a life of love.
    • You notice that you are increasingly susceptible to bullying.
    • You are running out of energy and you do not know how long your adrenaline will last.
  • You miss your laughter and the magic of life.


  • You haven’t felt yourself in a long time.

Good for you to know

How does a spiritual energy session work?

Make yourself comfortable

Create a quiet space for yourself, where you will be undisturbed for 90 minutes. Turn off the doorbell or phone. Make yourself comfortable: Wear comfortable clothes. Provide yourself with water or tea to drink. It is important that you feel comfortable. Set it up so that you can easily access the device you use to receive Internet.

Meet online

We meet online in my virtual meeting room. We use Zoom which is a platform to meet online. In order to use Zoom you need a stable internet connection. You can either use your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC. I will have sent you the link to the Zoom meeting room beforehand. You use this link to dial in.


We briefly communicate what you are currently dealing with. Then I will switch the screen to a still image. This way we can better focus on our inner world. You make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes, tune into yourself and relax. I will then start my spiritual energy work.

What to expect

Session history


Love is more than a feeling. For me, love is also the most subtle energy that exists. It is the energy frequency of the Divine. I tune into this frequency of love and connect with it.

Open up & ground

At the beginning I open up a sacred space. Before I start, I protect our space. And I ground you. You can imagine that like a kind of seat belt. This way you stay well secured and the spiritual journey can begin.


I scan your energy field. I sense all energy levels. And I perceive the spirits and angels that are present in the field.


What exactly it is that I will perceive is as unique as you are yourself. It may be fears and blockages. I may be shown what needs to be solved for you in which area of your life. Sometimes I receive messages from spirits for you. I perceive what is going on in your energy field. What mental or emotional patterns are hidden behind physical symptoms. How to solve them in a healing way. Or what your soul carries on your heart. Whatever is most important for you and serves you best will be shown and perceived.


I perceive what it needs for you to come back into alignment and balance. The spirits show it to me collaborating. Accordingly, I direct the universal energy of love into your energy field.


My principle is: My work is to serve the highest good of all with love. Free from expectations. Open to anything that will suit your highest good. According to your free will. Because you are your most important healer. And your free will is key.

Blessings & thanking

My spiritual work ends with blessings. And with gratefulness I close the sacred space.


As soon as I will have finished my work, I will send you a signal. If you like, we can then briefly talk about it via Zoom. If you prefer to rather go into silence to ponder your sentiments or go to sleep, you are welcome to do so, too. You just let me know what you prefer in that moment. The spiritual energy session ends at this point.

What does it do?

The effects of spiritual energy work are as diverse as there are people on earth. For example, all of the following effects have happened before:

  • Relaxation has spread.
  • Tumors have crumbled.
  • Chronic illnesses have raised the white flag.
  • Blockages have been removed.
  • Pain has subsided.
  • Breath has flown freely.
  • Stress has thinned out.
  • Forgiveness has brought relief.
  • Sleep has provided relaxation.
  • Fears have been healed.
  • Agility has gotten moving.
  • Hope has blossomed.
  • Trust has given a future.
  • Peace has filled hearts.
  • Love has become palpable.
  • Courage has opened up new paths.
  • Power has recharged.
  • Confidence has strengthened.
  • Joy has sparked.
  • The magic of life has spread its magic.

Self-healing powers are as wonderful and unique as you are. And so is their evolvement. So, naturally, no promises or forecasts can be made as to how exactly it will work for you. However, you can assume that whatever may serve your highest good will be happening. Whatever shows up will be for your best. You can trust that. Be completely free of expectations and be open to all the goodness of life. You are the miracle. Let yourself be surprised and amazed at what is possible.

I have another question: What is spiritual energy healing work?

Body, mind and soul are a team. They are inseparable from each other. Everything is connected, because you are a wonderful and holistic work of nature.

Disease is NOT a malfunction of your body. Illness is a valuable signal that something has gotten out of balance. It shows where it is worth taking a closer look, how you can take more care of yourself, and how you can love yourself even more.

Everything is energy, within us and around us. On this basis, we can communicate with the spiritual world, giving and receiving impulses for change. We can activate self-healing powers. You can be regaining balance. Step by step. And it complements with other approaches perfectly.

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